Pioneer Women- One lady's journey from City life to:  "Unexpectedly, during a brief stay in my hometown, I met and fell in love with a rugged cowboy. Now I live in the middle of nowhere on a working cattle ranch. My days are spent wrangling children, chipping dried manure from boots, washing jeans, and making gravy. I have no idea how I got here…but you know what? I love it. Don’t tell anyone!" One of my favorite recipe websites. It offers easy to use website with many comments and ways to print recipe cards, save your favorite recipes and make shopping lists from the recipes you chose. 

Market to MealI am a wife and mom of 4 living in East Asia. My kitchen and our dining room table are two of my favorite places in our home. I enjoy making good food and the good times we have over meals. I hope I can share some recipes and tips with others who find themselves living away from some of the conveniences they are accustomed to and with those learning to cook from scratch.
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