Friday, August 12, 2011

Air Your Laundry

Tips on using clothes lines*: 

  • For softer line-dried clothing, add a half cup of vinegar to your washer's rinse cycle.
  • To keep dark or brightly colored clothes fading in the sun, hang them inside out. 
  • Hang shirts by the hem or tail and clothespin marks won't show
  • Don't set up a clothesline under trees! Birds might use your wash for target practice. 
  • IN cold or wet weather, hang the laundry on the line in large, heated space that has good air circulation. 
  • Shake and snap items briskly through the air before you hang them.  Most of the wrinkles will disappear. 
  • To get jeans and towels completely dry, hang folded over the line until the outer sides are dry. Then refold and hang again, damp sides out.
  • Put heavy items near ends of the line to reduce sagging
  • Drape fitted sheets folded over the line so pockets are on the inside, where they won't catch leaves or debris.
*All tips taken from Country Women Magazine :)

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