Friday, August 5, 2011


Pizza Bread
Pizza Sauce: pick either one
1. 4-5 medium tomatoes
   3 cloves of garlic
   1 medium onion
   part of pkt of Pizza Sauce Seasoning
   salt to taste

2. Equal parts of: 
   tomato juice
   tomato paste
   part of pkt of Pizza Sauce Seasoning 
   salt to taste

Pizza Toppings: what ever you like
Green Pepper
Meat: (Hamburger, bacon, Sausage, etc)

Pick an option for the Pizza Sauce. I usually pick #2 option just because it's easier and quicker and I usually keep those things on hand.  Today I had lots of tomatoes on hand so I went with the first option.  Simply saute the onions and garlic (substitution for cloves of garlic here) and add cleaned cut up tomatoes and cook just till nice and warm.  Throw tomato mixture in blender and blend till smooth.  Put back in pan over medium heat and add seasoning packet and salt to taste.  If it's too runny you can add tomato paste to thicken it up.  Also, if there is a bitter taste to your sauce add a teaspoon of sugar.

If you like your pizza crust thin like us you'll need to cut this bread in half.  I usually am not able to use both pieces because one half usually falls all apart which is okay because I just use that piece for garlic bread.

In this case I was able to use both sides.  One is obviously holier than the other but it worked fine.

Spread your sauce on the bread. Cut up your vegetables and place them on the Pizza.  For cheese I use Gouda, but here's a fun 3 cheese blend recommended to me (I haven't tried it yet):  Pinar Brand (comes in 2 sizes that are circle shaped) Bizim usually has it #2 Olmani- also circle shaped and at Bizim and #3 a mild Gouda.  Grate even amounts of each and Voila! Lovely Pizza Cheese Blend.

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